How Do You Spell ISI?

Pronunciation: [ˈɪsi] (IPA)

The spelling of the word "ISI" can be confusing as the pronunciation and the spelling don't match up perfectly. In IPA phonetic transcription, "ISI" is pronounced as /iːsiː/. The first "i" sound is a long vowel sound, while the second "i" is a short vowel sound. The "s" sound is followed by a long "ee" sound, and the final "i" sound is again pronounced as a long vowel. The phonetic transcription provides a helpful tool for understanding the pronunciation of words that may not follow traditional spelling rules.

ISI Meaning and Definition

  1. ISI stands for Inter-Services Intelligence. It is the premier intelligence agency of Pakistan, responsible for gathering and analyzing information concerning national security. Established in 1948, it operates under the control of the Pakistan Army's headquarters. The primary objective of ISI is to provide actionable intelligence to senior Pakistani military and political leadership.

    As an intelligence agency, ISI conducts various covert operations, counterintelligence efforts, and espionage activities both within Pakistan and abroad. It collects, processes, and disseminates information essential for safeguarding the country's interests. ISI focuses on protecting Pakistan's borders, countering terrorism, and monitoring political and military developments that may pose a threat to national security. It actively recruits and trains intelligence officers, field agents, and analysts with specialized skills in gathering information.

    The agency has been involved in several key events in Pakistan's history, including regional conflicts and internal security issues. It maintains close ties with other intelligence agencies worldwide and collaborates with them on matters of mutual concern.

    Due to its secretive nature, ISI has often been surrounded by controversies and allegations of interference in political affairs. However, it remains an integral part of Pakistan's security apparatus, playing a crucial role in protecting the nation's sovereignty and maintaining internal and external stability.

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