How Do You Spell IZAL?

The word "izal" is an uncommon term that refers to a type of toilet tissue that was once popular in Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. The spelling of this word is simply a phonetic representation of its pronunciation. Using IPA symbols, "izal" can be transcribed as /ɪzɑl/. The first syllable is an unstressed "ih" sound, followed by a stressed "zah" sound and ending with an "ul" sound that is almost silent. Despite its limited use, "izal" still retains its place in the linguistic history of the region.

Common Misspellings for IZAL

  • isal
  • izel
  • iszal
  • 9zal
  • 8zal
  • uizal
  • iuzal
  • jizal
  • kizal
  • ikzal
  • oizal
  • iozal
  • 9izal
  • i9zal
  • 8izal
  • i8zal
  • ixzal
  • izxal
  • izzal
  • izazl

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