How Do You Spell J BAR?

The spelling of the word "j bar" follows the conventions of English phonetics. The letter "j" represents the voiced palato-alveolar affricate sound /dʒ/, which is the same sound as the letter "g" in many words, such as "gem" or "jungle." The word "bar" is spelled according to its standard pronunciation, pronounced as the consonants /b/ and /ɑr/, respectively. Together, "j bar" refers to a symbol used in phonetics to denote the sound /dʒ/.

Common Misspellings for J BAR

  • jbar
  • ja bar
  • j-bae
  • j-barr
  • j-bar
  • jbarr
  • u bar
  • jh bar
  • hj bar
  • h bar
  • j nar
  • j gar
  • j bzr
  • j bsr
  • j bqr
  • j bae
  • j ba4
  • nj bar
  • jn bar
  • mj bar

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