How Do You Spell JAMAICAN?

Correct spelling for the English word "jamaican" is [dʒ_ɐ_m_ˈeɪ_k_ə_n], [d͡ʒɐmˈe͡ɪkən], [d‍ʒɐmˈe‍ɪkən]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Definition of JAMAICAN

  1. Of or pertaining to Jamaica.

Common Misspellings for JAMAICAN

Below is the list of 218 misspellings for the word "jamaican".

Usage Examples for JAMAICAN

  1. He watched them roll past, the Salvadoran pupusa ladies, Jamaican Patty Kings, Italian butchers, Vietnamese pho- tenders, and any number of thrift- store hotties, crusty- punks, strung- out artistes, trustafarians and pretty- boy skaters. - "Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town" by Cory Doctorow
  2. It was the first time and the last that we heard the voice of prayer in a Jamaican planter's house. - "The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus" by American Anti-Slavery Society
  3. At least the garrison of the islands is all black, being a Jamaican regiment of that color; and when one of the warriors comes down the white street, with his swagger- stick in his hand, and flaming in scarlet and gold upon the ground of his own blackness, it is as if a gigantic oriole were coming towards you, or a mighty tulip. - "Short Stories and Essays From "Literature and Life"" by William Dean Howells
  4. His ancestors had belonged to the Maroons, a group of slaves who had escaped and established their own community in the Jamaican hills. - "The Black Experience in America The Immigrant Heritage of America" by Norman Coombs