How Do You Spell JAMMING?

Pronunciation: [d͡ʒˈamɪŋ] (IPA)

The word "jamming" is spelled with the prefix "jam" and the verb ending "-ing." The IPA phonetic transcription is /ˈdʒæ.mɪŋ/, which represents the sounds in the word. It begins with the voiced alveolar stop /dʒ/ followed by the short vowel sound /æ/. The final consonant is the voiced bilabial nasal /m/, and it ends with the voiced velar nasal /ŋ/. Therefore, the spelling of "jamming" accurately reflects the pronunciation of the word.

JAMMING Meaning and Definition

  1. Jamming refers to the deliberate interference or disruption of a communication signal or broadcast. It is an intentional act that aims to disrupt, block, or distort the transmission of information, generally in the context of radio communications. Jamming can be employed for various purposes, including military, espionage, and law enforcement activities.

    In military terms, jamming typically involves the emission of electronic signals at the same frequency as the target communication system, thereby causing interference and rendering the transmission illegible or unusable. This can impede the enemy's ability to communicate effectively, disrupt their command and control systems, and overall impede their tactical advantage.

    Jamming may also be carried out by law enforcement agencies or intelligence services for surveillance purposes. In this scenario, it can involve the intentional interruption of a particular communication channel to intercept or monitor intended transmissions.

    Additionally, jamming can be employed to counteract illegal activities such as the unauthorized use of radio frequencies, preventing individuals or groups from using certain frequencies for unauthorized purposes like broadcasting or communication.

    Jamming technology, therefore, involves the use of advanced electronic devices designed specifically to disrupt or block targeted communications, manipulating the signals to render them unreliable, garbled, or unintelligible to the intended receivers.

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Etymology of JAMMING

The word "jamming" has several different etymological origins, depending on the context in which it is used. Here are a few of them:

1. Musical Jamming:

In a musical context, "jamming" refers to musicians improvising or playing together in an informal and often spontaneous manner. The etymology of this usage is derived from jazz and its related genres. In the early 20th century, jazz musicians would gather in jam sessions to experiment and create music together. The term "jam" in this sense may have originated from the idea that musicians were "jellied" together, creating a harmonious blend of sounds.

2. Radio Jamming:

In the context of radio or telecommunications, "jamming" refers to intentionally disrupting or interfering with radio signals or communications. The etymology of this usage comes from the act of spreading interference on a particular frequency to disrupt or block radio transmissions.

Idioms with the word JAMMING

  • jamming "Jamming" refers to playing music for fun or improvising music with other musicians in an informal or impromptu setting. It can also refer to a gathering of musicians playing together.

Similar spelling words for JAMMING

Plural form of JAMMING is JAMMINGS

Conjugate verb Jamming


I would jam
we would jam
you would jam
he/she/it would jam
they would jam


I will jam
we will jam
you will jam
he/she/it will jam
they will jam


I will have jammed
we will have jammed
you will have jammed
he/she/it will have jammed
they will have jammed


I jammed
we jammed
you jammed
he/she/it jammed
they jammed


I had jammed
we had jammed
you had jammed
he/she/it had jammed
they had jammed


I jam
we jam
you jam
he/she/it jams
they jam


I have jammed
we have jammed
you have jammed
he/she/it has jammed
they have jammed
I am jamming
we are jamming
you are jamming
he/she/it is jamming
they are jamming
I was jamming
we were jamming
you were jamming
he/she/it was jamming
they were jamming
I will be jamming
we will be jamming
you will be jamming
he/she/it will be jamming
they will be jamming
I have been jamming
we have been jamming
you have been jamming
he/she/it has been jamming
they have been jamming
I had been jamming
we had been jamming
you had been jamming
he/she/it had been jamming
they had been jamming
I will have been jamming
we will have been jamming
you will have been jamming
he/she/it will have been jamming
they will have been jamming
I would have jammed
we would have jammed
you would have jammed
he/she/it would have jammed
they would have jammed
I would be jamming
we would be jamming
you would be jamming
he/she/it would be jamming
they would be jamming
I would have been jamming
we would have been jamming
you would have been jamming
he/she/it would have been jamming
they would have been jamming


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