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Pronunciation: [d͡ʒˈʊ͡əɹɪz] (IPA)

Juries is a plural form of the word "jury" which means a group of people sitting to judge and give a verdict in a legal case. The word is spelled as /ˈdʒʊəriz/ in IPA phonetic transcription, where "j" is pronounced as a consonantal sound similar to "dʒ" in "judge", "u" is pronounced as a short vowel sound like "uh" in "hut", "e" is pronounced as a schwa vowel sound, and "s" is pronounced as a voiceless "z" sound.

JURIES Meaning and Definition

  1. Juries are groups of individuals selected to serve as decision-makers in legal proceedings, particularly in trial cases. A jury is typically composed of a panel of citizens who are impartial and representative of the community in which the trial is taking place. The main function of a jury is to consider the evidence presented and offer a verdict or decision on the guilt or innocence of the defendant or the resolution of a civil dispute.

    The selection process of jurors often involves a random draw from a pool of eligible individuals, ensuring a diverse range of perspectives in the jury room. The goal is to assemble a fair and unbiased jury that can impartially evaluate the facts and arguments presented during the trial. Jurors are expected to listen attentively to testimonies, examine physical evidence, and weigh the arguments of both the prosecution and the defense before arriving at a verdict.

    In many legal systems, including those based on common law, a jury is considered an essential component of the judicial process and is seen as an embodiment of the principles of a fair and just trial. Juries are meant to act as a safeguard against potential abuse of power, provide a check on judicial decisions, and enhance public confidence in the justice system. While the structure and procedures may vary across jurisdictions, the overarching purpose of juries remains consistent – to ensure a fair and impartial determination of guilt or innocence.

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Etymology of JURIES

The word "juries" comes from the Latin term "jurata", which means "sworn" or "oath". In medieval Latin, it evolved into "juries". The term was used to refer to a group of individuals who were sworn to answer questions or make decisions based on their knowledge or personal experience. This evolved further to refer to a group of individuals sworn to ascertain the truth in a legal matter by hearing evidence and deliberating. The modern usage of "juries" as a panel of citizens who hear and decide on legal cases in a court of law stems from this historical development.

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