How Do You Spell K ANTIGEN?

The spelling of the term "K antigen" is derived from its phonetic transcription, which is /keɪ/ + /ˈæntɪdʒən/. In this transcription, the "K" sound is represented by the phonetic symbol /keɪ/, which is pronounced like the English letter "K" followed by a long "A" sound. The second part of the word, "antigen", is pronounced with stress on the second syllable and is represented by the phonetic symbol /ˈæntɪdʒən/. The K antigen is a type of bacterial antigen commonly used in serological testing.

Common Misspellings for K ANTIGEN

  • k antigen
  • m antigen
  • o antigen
  • k zntigen
  • k sntigen
  • k wntigen
  • k qntigen
  • k abtigen
  • k amtigen
  • k ajtigen
  • k ahtigen
  • k anrigen
  • k anfigen
  • k angigen
  • k anyigen
  • k an6igen
  • k an5igen
  • k antugen
  • k antjgen
  • k antkgen

Plural form of K ANTIGEN is K ANTIGENS

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