How Do You Spell KATH?

Correct spelling for the English word "Kath" is [k_ˈa_θ], [kˈaθ], [kˈaθ]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Anagrams of KATH

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Common Misspellings for KATH

Below is the list of 44 misspellings for the word "kath".

  • kathb
  • katgh
  • kagth
  • katfh
  • kaath
  • Kcth
  • kafth
  • kzth
  • kathn
  • kaqth
  • kqth
  • ktah
  • kat5h
  • ksath
  • Kauh
  • katjh
  • kayth
  • katbh
  • ka6th
  • kawth
  • ka6h
  • kkath
  • kzath
  • kwth
  • ka5h
  • katnh
  • k ath
  • ka th
  • kat6h
  • kasth
  • kazth
  • ksth
  • ka5th
  • katrh
  • kqath
  • kjath
  • katth
  • Ka4h
  • ikath
  • kwath
  • kat h
  • katuh
  • kiath
  • jkath

Similar spelling words for KATH

Usage Examples for KATH

  1. " Oh, I told Kath what I thought of her for trying to trap you. - "Lady-Betty-Across-the-Water" by Lowell, Orson
  2. Nobody could get near you but Tom Doremus, and he wouldn't if Kath hadn't been afraid of Mrs. Van der Windt. - "Lady-Betty-Across-the-Water" by Lowell, Orson
  3. So went to bed; where eagerly his sicknesse Pursu'd him still, and three nights after this, About the houre of eight, which he himselfe Foretold should be his last, full of Repentance, Continuall Meditations, Teares, and Sorrowes, He gaue his Honors to the world agen, His blessed part to Heauen, and slept in peace Kath. - "Henry-VIII" by Shakespeare, William
  4. I've applied for leave on purpose to help Kath protect you, and I expect to put on a suit of chain armour under my clothes. - "Lady-Betty-Across-the-Water" by Lowell, Orson
  5. Fortunately, the storm had greatly abated and there was less external noise to drown the sounds within, where Montgomery was now shouting at the top of his voice: " K- K- Kath- arine! - "The Brass Bound Box" by Evelyn Raymond

What does Kath stand for?

Abbreviation KATH means:

  1. Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital
  2. Katharine's