How Do You Spell KEYES?

Keyes is a common surname that is pronounced as /kiːz/ in IPA phonetic transcription. The word is spelled with a consonant 'K' followed by a diphthong 'ey', which represents the sounds of 'ee' and 'ay' together. The diphthong 'ey' is spelled differently in other words, for example, 'they' or 'grey'. The final 's' is pronounced /z/ due to the voicing of the preceding 'e'. Keyes is a surname of Irish and English origin, which may also be spelled as Keays, Kayes, or Keys.

Common Misspellings for KEYES

  • jeyes
  • ieyes
  • kwyes
  • ksyes
  • kdyes
  • kryes
  • k4yes
  • k3yes
  • ketes
  • kehes
  • keues
  • ke7es
  • ke6es
  • keyws
  • keyss
  • keyds
  • keyrs
  • key4s
  • key3s

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