How Do You Spell KEYS?

Correct spelling for the English word "Keys" is [k_ˈiː_z], [kˈiːz], [kˈiːz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for KEYS

Below is the list of 96 misspellings for the word "keys".

Similar spelling words for KEYS

Definition of KEYS

  1. Small shoals or uninhabited islets.

Anagrams of KEYS

4 letters

  • esky,
  • keys.

3 letters

2 letters

Usage Examples for KEYS

  1. No; the keys stay down. - "My Brilliant Career" by Miles Franklin
  2. " Yes," answered Maroney, eagerly; " all we need is two keys. - "The Expressman and the Detective" by Allan Pinkerton

What does Keys stand for?

Abbreviation KEYS means:

  1. Keys To Excellence For Your Schools
  2. Keweenaw Empowering Youth Strengths

Conjugate verb Keys


I would key
we would key
you would key
he/she/it would key
they would key


I will key
we will key
you will key
he/she/it will key
they will key


I will have keyed
we will have keyed
you will have keyed
he/she/it will have keyed
they will have keyed


I keyed
we keyed
you keyed
he/she/it keyed
they keyed


I had keyed
we had keyed
you had keyed
he/she/it had keyed
they had keyed


I key
we key
you key
he/she/it keys
they key


I have keyed
we have keyed
you have keyed
he/she/it has keyed
they have keyed
I am keying
we are keying
you are keying
he/she/it is keying
they are keying
I was keying
we were keying
you were keying
he/she/it was keying
they were keying
I will be keying
we will be keying
you will be keying
he/she/it will be keying
they will be keying
I have been keying
we have been keying
you have been keying
he/she/it has been keying
they have been keying
I had been keying
we had been keying
you had been keying
he/she/it had been keying
they had been keying
I will have been keying
we will have been keying
you will have been keying
he/she/it will have been keying
they will have been keying
I would have keyed
we would have keyed
you would have keyed
he/she/it would have keyed
they would have keyed
I would be keying
we would be keying
you would be keying
he/she/it would be keying
they would be keying
I would have been keying
we would have been keying
you would have been keying
he/she/it would have been keying
they would have been keying