How Do You Spell KHI?

The word "khi" is often spelled with the letters k and h in English, but its pronunciation may not be immediately intuitive to those unfamiliar with the word. In the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), "khi" is pronounced as /kaɪ/, with the "k" sound followed by a long "i" sound. This word has origins in the Greek language and can also be spelled as "chi" in English, but regardless of its spelling, the IPA transcription can help accurately represent its pronunciation.

Common Misspellings for KHI

  • mkhi
  • khji
  • kyhi
  • khyi
  • khiu
  • khij
  • khik
  • khoi
  • kh9i
  • khi9
  • kh8i
  • khi8
  • kkhi
  • khhi
  • khii
  • khh
  • khigh
  • k hi
  • kh i

Similar spelling words for KHI

2 words made out of letters KHI

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