How Do You Spell KISHORI?

Pronunciation: [kɪʃˈɔːɹi] (IPA)

Kishori is a term in Hindi that refers to a young girl. It is spelled as /kɪˈʃɔːri/ in IPA phonetic transcription. The first syllable is pronounced as "ki," with the short "i" sound. The second syllable is pronounced as "sho" with a long "o" sound followed by "ri," pronounced with a schwa sound. The stress in this word falls on the second syllable, "sho." Spelling and pronunciation of Hindi words can vary depending on regional dialects, but this is the standard pronunciation of "Kishori."

KISHORI Meaning and Definition

  1. Kishori is a term derived from the Sanskrit language primarily used in the Indian subcontinent, particularly in Hindu and Sikh cultures. It is a noun that refers to a young adolescent girl, typically between the ages of 12 and 16, during the transitional stage between childhood and adulthood.

    In Hindu mythology, Kishori is often associated with the divine feminine, representing youthful beauty, grace, and purity. In religious texts and scriptures, Kishori is depicted as an idealized female figure, symbolizing innocence, charm, and the blossoming of youth.

    The term Kishori can also be found in traditional Indian music and dance forms, where it signifies a specific transition phase in an artist's journey. It represents a crucial stage of refinement, growth, and mastery as young performers progress in their artistic development.

    Due to its cultural significance, Kishori is also used as a name for girls, reflecting the qualities of youth and beauty. It is a common practice in Hindu and Sikh families to name their daughters Kishori as an expression of their hopes and aspirations for her to grow into a virtuous, accomplished, and stunning individual.

    Overall, Kishori encompasses the idea of a young girl growing into a woman, representing both physical and emotional changes that come with adolescence while embodying the virtues of beauty, grace, and purity deeply valued in Indian traditions.

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Etymology of KISHORI

The word "Kishori" is of Sanskrit origin. In Sanskrit, "Kishori" (किशोरी) is derived from the root word "Kishor" (किशोर), which means "adolescent girl" or "young woman".