How Do You Spell KISMAT?

Pronunciation: [kˈɪsmat] (IPA)

The spelling of "kismat" (also spelled "kismet") can be explained using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). The word's first syllable is pronounced with a "k" sound, as in the IPA symbol /k/. The second syllable is pronounced with an "ih" sound, as in the IPA symbol /ɪ/. The third syllable has a "z" sound, represented in the IPA as /z/. The final syllable is pronounced with an "uh" sound, as in the IPA symbol /ʌ/. So, the word is spelled K-I-S-M-A-T, with each letter representing a distinct sound in the word's pronunciation.

KISMAT Meaning and Definition

  1. Kismat is a noun of Arabic origin that is commonly used in various South Asian languages, including Urdu and Hindi. It is predominantly associated with Islamic culture and refers to the belief in predestination or fate. The term encompasses the concept that events and outcomes in one's life are predetermined and controlled by a higher power or divine will.

    In its essence, kismat suggests that all occurrences, whether positive or negative, are a result of the divine plan. It implies that one's destiny is predetermined and cannot be altered or fully understood by human actions alone. Kismat is often considered as an integral element of Islamic theology, emphasizing the significance of accepting one's fate and placing trust in a higher power.

    This term also extends beyond religious contexts and is commonly used in everyday speech to express the belief in an individual's fortune, luck, or destiny. It implies that favorable or unfavorable circumstances in a person's life are determined by forces beyond their control. Kismat is often associated with moments of serendipity or unexpected turns of events that shape one's life journey.

    Ultimately, kismat embodies the notion of a grand plan or scheme that governs the events and experiences of an individual's life, highlighting the importance of acceptance, gratitude, and humility in the face of life's uncertainties.

Common Misspellings for KISMAT

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Etymology of KISMAT

The word "kismat" originated from the Arabic word "qisma" (قِسْمَةُ), which means "division" or "portion". It was later adopted into various languages influenced by Arabic, including Persian, Turkish, Urdu, and Hindi. In these languages, "kismat" refers to fate, destiny, or one's lot in life.

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