How Do You Spell KIT?

Correct spelling for the English word "kit" is [k_ˈɪ_t], [kˈɪt], [kˈɪt]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for KIT

Below is the list of 243 misspellings for the word "kit".

Similar spelling words for KIT

Plural form of KIT is KITS

Definition of KIT

  1. Wooden tub for various purposes; (articles carried in) soldier\'s valise or knapsack; personal equipment, esp. as packed for travelling; workman\'s, esp. shoemaker\'s, outfit; k.-bag(for carrying soldier\'s or traveller\'s k.). [Dutch]

Anagrams of KIT

2 letters

What does kit stand for?

Abbreviation KIT means:

  1. Keeping In Touch
  2. Keep It Tight

Conjugate verb Kit


I would kit
we would kit
you would kit
he/she/it would kit
they would kit


I will kit
we will kit
you will kit
he/she/it will kit
they will kit


I will have kitted
we will have kitted
you will have kitted
he/she/it will have kitted
they will have kitted


I kitted
we kitted
you kitted
he/she/it kitted
they kitted


I had kitted
we had kitted
you had kitted
he/she/it had kitted
they had kitted


I kit
we kit
you kit
he/she/it kits
they kit


I have kitted
we have kitted
you have kitted
he/she/it has kitted
they have kitted
I am kitting
we are kitting
you are kitting
he/she/it is kitting
they are kitting
I was kitting
we were kitting
you were kitting
he/she/it was kitting
they were kitting
I will be kitting
we will be kitting
you will be kitting
he/she/it will be kitting
they will be kitting
I have been kitting
we have been kitting
you have been kitting
he/she/it has been kitting
they have been kitting
I had been kitting
we had been kitting
you had been kitting
he/she/it had been kitting
they had been kitting
I will have been kitting
we will have been kitting
you will have been kitting
he/she/it will have been kitting
they will have been kitting
I would have kitted
we would have kitted
you would have kitted
he/she/it would have kitted
they would have kitted
I would be kitting
we would be kitting
you would be kitting
he/she/it would be kitting
they would be kitting
I would have been kitting
we would have been kitting
you would have been kitting
he/she/it would have been kitting
they would have been kitting