How Do You Spell KITS?

Correct spelling for the English word "kits" is [k_ˈɪ_t_s], [kˈɪts], [kˈɪts]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for KITS

Below is the list of 178 misspellings for the word "kits".

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Anagrams of KITS

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Usage Examples for KITS

  1. That evening we packed our kits. - "From the St. Lawrence to the Yser with the 1st Canadian brigade" by Frederic C. Curry
  2. They showed me all through the place, clean and bare and Spartan- like, with their kits along the wall, ready to be caught up at a moment's notice, for a call to duty may come at any time, and there must be no delay. - "The Charm of Ireland" by Burton Egbert Stevenson

What does kits stand for?

Abbreviation KITS means:

  1. Keeping in Touch Scheme
  2. Khodari Industrial Trading Services

Conjugate verb Kits


I would kit
we would kit
you would kit
he/she/it would kit
they would kit


I will kit
we will kit
you will kit
he/she/it will kit
they will kit


I will have kitted
we will have kitted
you will have kitted
he/she/it will have kitted
they will have kitted


I kitted
we kitted
you kitted
he/she/it kitted
they kitted


I had kitted
we had kitted
you had kitted
he/she/it had kitted
they had kitted


I kit
we kit
you kit
he/she/it kits
they kit


I have kitted
we have kitted
you have kitted
he/she/it has kitted
they have kitted
I am kitting
we are kitting
you are kitting
he/she/it is kitting
they are kitting
I was kitting
we were kitting
you were kitting
he/she/it was kitting
they were kitting
I will be kitting
we will be kitting
you will be kitting
he/she/it will be kitting
they will be kitting
I have been kitting
we have been kitting
you have been kitting
he/she/it has been kitting
they have been kitting
I had been kitting
we had been kitting
you had been kitting
he/she/it had been kitting
they had been kitting
I will have been kitting
we will have been kitting
you will have been kitting
he/she/it will have been kitting
they will have been kitting
I would have kitted
we would have kitted
you would have kitted
he/she/it would have kitted
they would have kitted
I would be kitting
we would be kitting
you would be kitting
he/she/it would be kitting
they would be kitting
I would have been kitting
we would have been kitting
you would have been kitting
he/she/it would have been kitting
they would have been kitting