How Do You Spell KNEE-TIMBER?

The word "knee-timber" is a nautical term that refers to a wooden support that is used to strengthen ship's knees. This word is spelled with a silent "k" at the beginning which can be confusing for some. The IPA phonetic transcription of this word is /niːˈtɪmbəɹ/. The "k" sound is not pronounced, and the stress is on the second syllable. The pronunciation of this word may seem tricky, but once you know how it's spelled and pronounced, you can easily use it in maritime vocabulary.

Common Misspellings for KNEE-TIMBER

  • jnee-timber
  • mnee-timber
  • lnee-timber
  • onee-timber
  • inee-timber
  • kbee-timber
  • kmee-timber
  • kjee-timber
  • khee-timber
  • knwe-timber
  • knse-timber
  • knde-timber
  • knre-timber
  • kn4e-timber
  • kn3e-timber
  • knew-timber
  • knes-timber
  • kned-timber
  • kner-timber
  • kne4-timber

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