Knickknacks, pronounced /ˈnɪk.næks/, is a tricky word to spell due to its silent letters. Its spelling is derived from the word "knack," meaning a special skill or talent. In Old English, "knack" was spelled "cnæc," and the addition of the silent "k" and "c" created the modern spelling of "knickknack." The word refers to small decorative objects or ornaments that are often kept for their sentimental value.

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Other Common Misspellings for KNICKKNACKS

  • jnickknacks
  • mnickknacks
  • lnickknacks
  • onickknacks
  • inickknacks
  • kbickknacks
  • kmickknacks
  • kjickknacks
  • khickknacks
  • knuckknacks
  • knjckknacks
  • knkckknacks
  • knockknacks
  • kn9ckknacks
  • kn8ckknacks
  • knixkknacks
  • knivkknacks
  • knifkknacks
  • Nikknacks

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