How Do You Spell KNIE?

The German word "knie" is spelled with the letters K, N, I, and E. The IPA phonetic transcription of "knie" is [kni:], which represents the sounds of the four letters. The first sound is [k], as in "kite", followed by [n], as in "no". The third sound is [i:], a long "ee" sound like in "key", and the final sound is [e], pronounced "uh", as in "the". "Knie" means "knee" in English and is an important part of the human body.

Common Misspellings for KNIE

  • knkie
  • kn9e
  • kn8e
  • kjnie
  • mknie
  • lknie
  • kbnie
  • knmie
  • knhie
  • kniue
  • knije
  • knike
  • knioe
  • kn9ie
  • kni9e
  • kn8ie
  • kni8e
  • knied
  • kni4e
  • knie4

13 words made out of letters KNIE

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4 letters


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