How Do You Spell KNOBS?

Pronunciation: [nˈɒbz] (IPA)

Knobs is spelled with the letter K and not N because the K is silent. The word is pronounced with the IPA phonetic transcription /nɒbz/, where the first sound is the nasal "n" sound, the "o" is pronounced like "ah" and the "b" is pronounced like "buh". The final "s" sound is also pronounced. This word describes a round handle that is often used to open or close doors, drawers, or cabinets.

KNOBS Meaning and Definition

  1. Knobs is a noun that refers to small rounded handles or protuberances found on various objects, typically designed for gripping or turning. These objects can include doors, cabinets, drawers, or appliances. Often made of materials like metal, wood, or plastic, knobs serve as functional and decorative features, enhancing the usability and aesthetic appeal of these items.

    In terms of functionality, knobs allow for easy opening, closing, or rotating of objects by providing a solid grip. Their rounded design allows for a comfortable and ergonomic hold, making them convenient to use. They are commonly found on doors and cabinets, allowing users to easily access and secure these fixtures.

    In addition to their utilitarian purpose, knobs can also serve as decorative elements. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes, allowing for customization and complementing the overall design of the object they adorn. For example, sleek and modern knobs may be used to accentuate contemporary furniture, while ornate and antique-style knobs can add a vintage touch to traditional pieces.

    Overall, knobs are versatile features that combine functionality and aesthetics. Whether used in the realm of furniture, interior design, or other objects, they play a crucial role in enhancing usability, style, and overall user experience.

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Etymology of KNOBS

The word "knobs" originated from Middle English "knobbe", which meant a round protuberance, knob, or button. It is related to the Old Norse word "knǫfli" and the Middle Low German word "knōpel", both meaning a knob or knot. The word ultimately has Proto-Germanic origins.

Idioms with the word KNOBS

  • and the same to you with (brass) knobs on The idiom "and the same to you with (brass) knobs on" is a British phrase used as a sarcastic response to someone who has insulted or demeaned you. It implies that whatever negative words or actions the other person has directed at you, they will receive it back in an exaggerated or amplified manner. The mention of "brass knobs" adds an emphasis on the excessive and showy nature of the reciprocated insult. Overall, it serves as a retaliatory expression meant to convey that the insults will be returned with higher intensity or extravagance.
  • with (brass) knobs on The idiom "with (brass) knobs on" is a figurative expression used to emphasize that something already good or desirable is made even better or more elaborate. It suggests the addition of extra decorative features or enhancements that enhance the appeal or value of an object, idea, or situation. The phrase implies an excessive or ostentatious embellishment.
  • with knobs (or brass knobs) on The idiom "with knobs on" means to emphasize that something is enhanced or exaggerated, often implying that it is done to an excessive or ostentatious degree. It suggests that an item or situation is not only good or desirable but has extra embellishments or added features. It is similar to saying "with bells and whistles" or "with all the extras."

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