How Do You Spell KOJI?

The spelling of the word "Koji" may be confusing for some due to the inclusion of the letter "j" instead of a more common letter such as "g". However, this spelling is reflective of the way the word is pronounced in Japanese. Using IPA phonetic transcription, "Koji" is pronounced as /koʊdʒi/. The "dʒ" sound represents the voiced postalveolar affricate sound in English, which is similar to the sound of a "j" in other languages like Spanish. So, the spelling of "Koji" accurately reflects its pronunciation in Japanese.

Common Misspellings for KOJI

  • ooji
  • ioji
  • kkji
  • klji
  • kpji
  • k0ji
  • k9ji
  • koju
  • kojj
  • koj8
  • jkoji
  • kjoji
  • mkoji
  • kmoji
  • lkoji
  • kloji
  • okoji
  • kooji
  • ikoji
  • koiji

5 words made out of letters KOJI

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