How Do You Spell KOJO?

The spelling of the word "Kojo" is phonetically represented as /ˈkɔːdʒəʊ/. The first sound, /k/, is produced by a voiceless velar plosive, followed by the long vowel sound /ɔː/ produced by an open-mid back rounded vowel. The third sound, /dʒ/, is produced by a voiced postalveolar affricate. The last sound, /əʊ/, represents a diphthong made up of the sounds /ə/ and /ʊ/. In Ghana, it's a name given to males who are born on Monday.

Common Misspellings for KOJO

  • kkjo
  • kljo
  • kpjo
  • k0jo
  • k9jo
  • koio
  • kojk
  • kojp
  • koj0
  • koj9
  • jkojo
  • kjojo
  • lkojo
  • klojo
  • okojo
  • koojo
  • ikojo
  • kiojo
  • koijo
  • kkojo

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