How Do You Spell KOPP'S ASTHMA?

Kopp's asthma is a medical condition affecting the lungs, named after German physician August von Rokitansky's colleague, Dr. Kopp. The word "Kopp's" is pronounced /kɑps/, with the "o" sound as in "cot" and the "a" as in "father." "Asthma" is pronounced /ˈæzmə/, with the "a" as in "cat," the "s" as a voiceless "s" sound, the "th" as in "thin," the "m" as in "man," and finally an unstressed "ə" sound, known as a schwa.

Common Misspellings for KOPP'S ASTHMA

  • jopp's asthma
  • mopp's asthma
  • lopp's asthma
  • oopp's asthma
  • iopp's asthma
  • kipp's asthma
  • kkpp's asthma
  • klpp's asthma
  • kppp's asthma
  • k0pp's asthma
  • k9pp's asthma
  • koop's asthma
  • kolp's asthma
  • ko-p's asthma
  • ko0p's asthma
  • kopo's asthma
  • kopl's asthma
  • kop-'s asthma
  • kop0's asthma
  • kopp'a asthma

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