How Do You Spell KORDOFAN?

The word "Kordofan" is spelled kɔːdəʊfæn using the International Phonetic Alphabet. The first sound is a long "o" followed by a "d" sound, then an "əʊ" diphthong which sounds like "oh", and then an "f" and "æ" sound. "Kordofan" is a region in Sudan and its spelling reflects the Arabic origin of the name, where the "o" sound is written as the letter "waw" and the "f" sound is written as "faa". The English spelling, therefore, uses a combination of these sounds to form the correct pronunciation.

Common Misspellings for KORDOFAN

  • jordofan
  • mordofan
  • lordofan
  • oordofan
  • iordofan
  • kirdofan
  • kkrdofan
  • klrdofan
  • kprdofan
  • k0rdofan
  • k9rdofan
  • koedofan
  • koddofan
  • kofdofan
  • kotdofan
  • ko5dofan
  • ko4dofan
  • korsofan
  • korxofan

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