How Do You Spell KRIPO?

Pronunciation: [kɹˈiːpə͡ʊ] (IPA)

Kripo is a colloquial term used in Germany to refer to the Criminal Investigation Department of the police. The word is an acronym for "Kriminalpolizei" and is pronounced /ˈkʁɪpo/. The IPA phonetic transcription reveals that the 'k' sound in Kripo is followed by the 'r' sound, which is rolled in German, and the 'i' is pronounced as 'ee'. The 'p' and 'o' are pronounced the same as in English. It is important to note the correct spelling and pronunciation of Kripo when discussing law enforcement in Germany.

KRIPO Meaning and Definition

  1. Kripo, short for Kriminalpolizei, is a German term that refers to the criminal police force in Germany. Literally translating to "criminal police," Kripo is a specialized branch within the police system, primarily responsible for investigating and solving serious and complex criminal cases.

    The Kripo is entrusted with various important tasks, such as gathering evidence, conducting interrogations, and analyzing crime scenes. Their main objective is to uncover the truth behind crimes, identify perpetrators, and ensure that justice is served. They work closely with other law enforcement agencies, including local and federal police, as well as with prosecutors and forensic experts.

    Members of the Kripo undergo extensive training and possess in-depth knowledge of criminal law, criminology, and investigative techniques. They are equipped with the necessary skills to handle delicate situations, exhibit critical thinking, and employ advanced strategies in order to solve challenging criminal cases.

    Being an integral part of the German police system, Kripo operates at various levels, such as city, state, and federal. They focus on a wide range of criminal activities, including murder, theft, fraud, organized crime, and terrorism. By collaborating with other agencies, Kripo helps maintain public safety, protect the rights of individuals, and ensure a secure and just society.

    In summary, Kripo, or the criminal police in Germany, is a specialized law enforcement division responsible for investigating serious crimes, gathering evidence, and ensuring that offenders are brought to justice.

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Etymology of KRIPO

The word "Kripo" has its origins in German, specifically in the abbreviation of the organization "Kriminalpolizei". "Kriminalpolizei" is a compound word in German, consisting of "Kriminal" (criminal) and "Polizei" (police). The term "Kripo" emerged as a shortened form used to refer to the criminal investigation departments or divisions of the police in German-speaking countries.


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