How Do You Spell KRIS?

Pronunciation: [kɹˈɪs] (IPA)

The word "Kris" is spelled with the letters K, R, I, and S. In IPA phonetic transcription, it is pronounced /krɪs/ with a short 'i' sound in the middle. This word refers to a traditional dagger from Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The spelling of "Kris" may also vary depending on the language and culture using it. However, regardless of the spelling, this weapon is known for its wavy blade and intricate designs, making it both a functional weapon and a work of art.

KRIS Meaning and Definition

  1. Kris is a noun that refers to a traditional dagger originating from Indonesia, specifically associated with the Malay culture. The term is also commonly used in other Southeast Asian countries such as Brunei, Malaysia, and Singapore. The kris is a double-edged blade with a sinuous, wavy shape, often displaying intricate patterns and designs on the blade itself. It is typically characterized by its distinctive wavy pattern formed through the alternating curves of the blade edge. The handle of the kris is usually crafted from materials like wood, horn, or bone, often adorned with ornamental carvings and decorative metalwork.

    Beyond its aesthetic value, the kris holds cultural significance and is considered a symbol of prestige and nobility. It is an integral part of traditional ceremonies, rituals, and customs in many Southeast Asian communities. The kris is also viewed as a sacred object with mystical and spiritual properties, believed to possess supernatural powers by some cultural traditions.

    In addition to its ceremonial and symbolic purposes, the kris is also known as a weapon of choice. Throughout history, it has been utilized both in warfare and for personal protection. Its unique design and construction make the kris a formidable and deadly weapon in the hands of a skilled user.

    Overall, the term "kris" refers to a culturally and historically significant weapon, deeply embedded in Southeast Asian traditions, embodying both beauty and functionality.

  2. A Malay dagger.

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Etymology of KRIS

The word "Kris" has its origins in the Malay language. It is derived from the Old Javanese word "keris", which was later adapted into Malay as "kris". The exact etymology of the Old Javanese term is still debated among linguists, but it is believed to have emerged from an older Proto-Malay or Proto-Austronesian root. The term has been widely used to refer to a distinctive asymmetrical dagger or sword with a wavy blade, commonly found in Southeast Asia, particularly in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

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  • kris

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Plural form of KRIS is KRISES


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