How Do You Spell KUNDALINI?

Kundalini (kʊndəˈliːni) is a Sanskrit term used in Indian religions, referring to a form of divine energy or spiritual power located at the base of the spine. The word is spelled with a "k" at the beginning, followed by a "u" and "n" that are pronounced with a short "uh" sound, and then "d", "a", "l", "i", "n", and "i" that are all pronounced with a long "ee" sound. The stress in the word falls on the second syllable, "da". Proper spelling and pronunciation are important for effectively communicating about spiritual practices and beliefs.

Common Misspellings for KUNDALINI

  • jundalini
  • mundalini
  • lundalini
  • oundalini
  • iundalini
  • kyndalini
  • khndalini
  • kjndalini
  • kindalini
  • k8ndalini
  • k7ndalini
  • kubdalini
  • kumdalini
  • kujdalini
  • kuhdalini
  • kunsalini
  • kunxalini
  • kuncalini
  • kunfalini
  • kunralini

1 words made out of letters KUNDALINI

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