How Do You Spell KUNG-FU?

The spelling of the word "kung-fu" can be explained by its IPA phonetic transcription, which is /kʌŋ fuː/. The first syllable is pronounced with an open-mid back unrounded vowel (/ʌ/) and the second syllable with a long u sound (/uː/). The "ng" sound in "kung" is a nasal velar consonant (/ŋ/). "Kung-fu" is a term used to describe Chinese martial arts, and its accurate spelling is important in preserving the cultural significance and history behind this discipline.

Common Misspellings for KUNG-FU

  • kung fu
  • kungpfu
  • kung0-fu
  • kung-0fu
  • kungp-fu
  • kung-pfu
  • kung--fu
  • kungmfu
  • Kong Fu

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