How Do You Spell KUNTHEA?

The name "Kunthea" is pronounced /kuːnˈteɪə/ and is of Cambodian origin. The spelling of this word follows the English orthographic system, although the pronunciation may not immediately be clear to those unfamiliar with Cambodian phonetics. The "th" sound in the name is actually pronounced as the aspirated dental stop /tʰ/ in Cambodian, rather than the voiceless dental fricative /θ/ in English. Overall, "Kunthea" is a beautiful and unique name that is representative of Cambodian culture and heritage.

Common Misspellings for KUNTHEA

  • junthea
  • munthea
  • lunthea
  • ounthea
  • iunthea
  • khnthea
  • kjnthea
  • kinthea
  • k8nthea
  • k7nthea
  • kubthea
  • kumthea
  • kujthea
  • kuhthea
  • kunrhea
  • kunfhea
  • kunghea
  • kunyhea
  • kun6hea
  • kun5hea

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