How Do You Spell KUNZE?

The word "kunze" is spelled with the letters K-U-N-Z-E. In IPA phonetic transcription, it is spelled /kʊnz/ with a short u sound followed by the n and z sounds. As a noun, kunze refers to a measure of capacity, equal to half a muid or about 100 liters. The word is believed to derive from the Old High German word "kund" meaning knowledge or experience, but its exact etymology is uncertain.

Similar spelling words for KUNZE

19 words made out of letters KUNZE

3 letters

4 letters

  • zenk,
  • knez,
  • kuen,
  • neuk,
  • zune,
  • kuze,
  • kunz,
  • nezu,
  • nuke,
  • enzk,
  • nuez,
  • kune,
  • neku,
  • keun,
  • uzen.

5 letters


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