How Do You Spell KUOPIO?

The word "Kuopio" is a city in Finland with a unique spelling. The phonetic transcription of this word in IPA is /kuɔpio/. The first syllable "ku" is pronounced with a sound similar to "coo". The second syllable "o" sounds like the "o" in "so". The third syllable "p" is pronounced like the "p" in "pool" and "io" is pronounced as "ee-oh". This spelling may seem unusual in English, but it accurately represents the pronunciation of the Finnish language.

20 words made out of letters KUOPIO

3 letters

4 letters

  • kopu,
  • pouk,
  • poku,
  • poki,
  • kopo,
  • okui,
  • kopi,
  • pook,
  • kooi,
  • ikuo,
  • poko,
  • koup.

5 letters

  • opoku.