How Do You Spell KURTULMAK?

Pronunciation: [kˈɜːtəlmˌak] (IPA)

Kurtulmak is a Turkish word that means "to be saved" or "to get rid of." The spelling of this word is based on the Turkish alphabet, which uses the IPA phonetic system to represent its sounds. The word is pronounced as /kuɾtuɫmak/ and can be broken down into three syllables. The first syllable "kur" is pronounced as "koo" in English, the "tu" sounds like "too," and the "mak" is pronounced as "muck." The Turkish language has a unique blend of European and Middle Eastern influences, making it a fascinating and challenging language to learn.

KURTULMAK Meaning and Definition

  1. Kurtulmak is a Turkish verb that translates to "to escape" or "to get away" in English. It is formed by the combination of the root verb "kurt" which means "to save" or "to rescue," and the verb suffix "-ulmak," which indicates the idea of becoming or performing the action.

    To kurtulmak means to free oneself from a difficult, dangerous, or unwanted situation. It implies breaking free from something that is confining, oppressive, or undesirable in order to find safety, relief, or liberation. The term also suggests overcoming obstacles or avoiding harm by successfully evading or eluding a threat, danger, or negative impact.

    Kurtulmak can refer to both physical and metaphorical escapes. Physically, it can indicate the act of running away from a physical hazard or danger, such as escaping a burning building or fleeing from a pursuing enemy. Metaphorically, it can be used to express freeing oneself from emotional distress, troublesome relationships, or difficult circumstances.

    The verb kurtulmak encompasses notions of survival, self-preservation, and finding a way out. It implies an active effort to disentangle oneself from a predicament or to prevent a negative outcome. Overall, kurtulmak represents the action of breaking free and finding solace, tranquility, or salvation from a perilous, burdensome, or undesirable situation.

Etymology of KURTULMAK

The word "kurtulmak" is a Turkish verb that means "to escape" or "to get rid of". Its etymology can be traced back to the Turkic root "kurtul" which means "to be free" or "to be released". This root is derived from the noun "kurt", meaning "wolf", and is associated with the idea of breaking free or saving oneself like a wolf freeing itself from a trap. The suffix "mak" is added to form a verb infinitive in Turkish. Overall, "kurtulmak" carries the sense of liberation or escaping from a difficult situation.