How Do You Spell L'S?

The spelling of the word "l's" may seem a bit confusing at first glance, but it actually follows the rules of English phonetics. The apostrophe indicates the omission of a vowel sound, specifically the schwa sound (/ə/), which occurs between the "l" and the "s" in the plural form of words ending in "l" (such as "animals" becoming "animals'"). Therefore, "l's" is pronounced as /ɛlz/, with the "l" and "s" sounds together and no vowel sound in between.

Common Misspellings for L'S

  • l'a
  • l'z
  • l'x
  • l'e
  • l'w
  • l'as
  • l'sa
  • l'zs
  • l'sz
  • l'xs
  • l'sx
  • l'ds
  • l'sd
  • l'es
  • l'se
  • l'ws
  • l'sw
  • 'ls
  • ls'
  • l''s


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