How Do You Spell LACCASE?

Pronunciation: [lˈake͡ɪs] (IPA)

Laccase (/lækˈkeɪs/) is an enzyme found in many fungi, plants and bacteria. It catalyzes the oxidation of phenols and related compounds, and is often used in industrial applications such as wastewater treatment and pulp and paper production. The word "laccase" comes from the French word laccas, which refers to a resinous substance secreted by insects in Southeast Asia. The spelling of the word is based on its French pronunciation, with a double "c" indicating the "k" sound and the final "e" being silent.

LACCASE Meaning and Definition

  1. Laccase is an enzyme widely found in nature, belonging to the category of oxidoreductases. It is responsible for catalyzing the oxidation of a variety of aromatic compounds, particularly phenols, typically through the incorporation of molecular oxygen into the substrate. Laccases are commonly found in higher plants, fungi, bacteria, and insects.

    This multifunctional enzyme plays a vital role in many biological processes. In plants, laccase participates in lignin biosynthesis, helping in the formation of cell walls and providing structural support and protection against external stresses. In fungi, it is involved in the degradation of lignin, contributing to the recycling of plant material in the environment. Laccases also play a role in melanin pigment formation in some organisms.

    Due to its broad substrate specificity, laccase finds numerous applications in diverse fields. Its ability to catalyze the oxidative polymerization of phenolic compounds makes it valuable in industrial processes, such as the production of biofuels, textile dye decolorization, and wastewater treatment. Laccase has also been utilized in the pharmaceutical and food industries for its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

    Overall, laccase is a versatile enzyme that has significant importance in various biological systems and applications, making it a subject of extensive research for its potential in biotechnology and green chemistry.

Common Misspellings for LACCASE

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Etymology of LACCASE

The word "laccase" originates from the French word "laccase", which was derived from the Latin word "lacca" meaning "lacquer". Lacquer is a type of resinous substance obtained from the secretion of an insect called "Lac" found in Southeast Asia. Laccase enzymes were first identified in the lacquer sap of the Japanese lac tree (Rhus verniciflua), and they were named after this source.

Plural form of LACCASE is LACCASES