How Do You Spell LACING?

The word "lacing" is spelled as /ˈleɪsɪŋ/ in IPA phonetic transcription. The first sound is "l" pronounced as /l/, followed by "ay" pronounced as /eɪ/. The next sound is "s" pronounced as /s/, followed by "ih" pronounced as /ɪ/, and ending with "ng" pronounced as /ŋ/. This word refers to the act of tying or fastening something with a lace or cord to hold it together, like lacing a pair of shoes. Proper spelling and pronunciation of words is essential in effective communication.

Common Misspellings for LACING

Similar spelling words for LACING

Plural form of LACING is LACINGS

63 words made out of letters LACING

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Conjugate verb Lacing


I would lace
we would lace
you would lace
he/she/it would lace
they would lace


I will lace
we will lace
you will lace
he/she/it will lace
they will lace


I will have laced
we will have laced
you will have laced
he/she/it will have laced
they will have laced


I laced
we laced
you laced
he/she/it laced
they laced


I had laced
we had laced
you had laced
he/she/it had laced
they had laced


I lace
we lace
you lace
he/she/it laces
they lace


I have laced
we have laced
you have laced
he/she/it has laced
they have laced
I am lacing
we are lacing
you are lacing
he/she/it is lacing
they are lacing
I was lacing
we were lacing
you were lacing
he/she/it was lacing
they were lacing
I will be lacing
we will be lacing
you will be lacing
he/she/it will be lacing
they will be lacing
I have been lacing
we have been lacing
you have been lacing
he/she/it has been lacing
they have been lacing
I had been lacing
we had been lacing
you had been lacing
he/she/it had been lacing
they had been lacing
I will have been lacing
we will have been lacing
you will have been lacing
he/she/it will have been lacing
they will have been lacing
I would have laced
we would have laced
you would have laced
he/she/it would have laced
they would have laced
I would be lacing
we would be lacing
you would be lacing
he/she/it would be lacing
they would be lacing
I would have been lacing
we would have been lacing
you would have been lacing
he/she/it would have been lacing
they would have been lacing


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