How Do You Spell LAGEN?

Lagen, pronounced as /'lɑgen/ is a noun used in geology that refers to a layer or bed of sediment. The word has a clear phonetic transcription where the first syllable 'la' is pronounced as /'lɑ/ and the second syllable 'gen' is pronounced as /gɛn/ with a silent 'e'. The spelling of the word is consistent with English phonology wherein the 'a' sound represents the open-back vowel /ɑ/ and the 'g' represents the voiced velar stop /g/.

Common Misspellings for LAGEN

  • kagen
  • pagen
  • oagen
  • lzgen
  • lsgen
  • lwgen
  • lqgen
  • lafen
  • laven
  • laben
  • lahen
  • layen
  • laten
  • lagwn
  • lagsn
  • lagdn
  • lagrn
  • lag4n
  • lag3n
  • lageb

Plural form of LAGEN is LAGENS

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