How Do You Spell LAIE?

The word "laie" can be spelled phonetically as /lɑi/. The "l" sound represents the voiceless alveolar lateral approximant, pronounced with the tongue against the alveolar ridge and without vibration of the vocal cords. The "a" sound represents an open back unrounded vowel, pronounced with the tongue low towards the back of the mouth. The "i" sound represents a close front unrounded vowel, pronounced with the tongue high towards the front of the mouth. Together, they create the sound of "laie."

Common Misspellings for LAIE

  • la9e
  • lai3
  • lkaie
  • lpaie
  • olaie
  • loaie
  • lzaie
  • lwaie
  • lqaie
  • la9ie
  • lai9e
  • la8ie
  • lai8e
  • laiwe
  • laiew
  • laie4
  • lai3e
  • laie3
  • llaie
  • l aie

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