How Do You Spell LAKON?

The word "Lakon" is spelled with the consonants /l/, /k/, and /n/, and is pronounced as 'la-kon'. The vowel sound is represented by the letter "o", which in this case is pronounced as [ɒ], like in the word 'lot'. The IPA phonetic transcription shows that the word's syllable stress is on the first syllable. Furthermore, the spelling of the word "Lakon" follows the standard English rules of phonetics and pronunciation, making it an easy word to spell and pronounce for English speakers.

Common Misspellings for LAKON

  • lacoon
  • lkon
  • lkoon
  • lacon
  • lacone
  • pakon
  • oakon
  • lzkon
  • lskon
  • lwkon
  • lqkon
  • lakln
  • lakpn
  • lak0n
  • lakob
  • lakom
  • lakoj
  • klakon
  • lkakon
  • plakon

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