How Do You Spell LANCET?

Correct spelling for the English word "lancet" is [lˈansɪt], [lˈansɪt], [l_ˈa_n_s_ɪ_t]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for LANCET

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Similar spelling words for LANCET

Plural form of LANCET is LANCETS

Definition of LANCET

  1. A surgical instrument of various forms, commonly sharp-pointed and two-edged, used in venesection, and in opening abscesses, etc.

Anagrams of LANCET

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Usage Examples for LANCET

  1. From The London Lancet. - "Nancy A Novel" by Rhoda Broughton
  2. They saw three narrow lancet windows on their right, but no glimmer came through them. - "Donal Grant" by George MacDonald