Pronunciation: [lˈɔːɹənt d͡ʒˈalabət] (IPA)

Laurent Jalabert is a former professional cyclist from France, known for his success in one-day races such as the Tour de France and the World Championships. The spelling of his name is often mispronounced, but it can be accurately transcribed using the International Phonetic Alphabet: /lɔːrɑːnt ʒæləbɛrt/. The first syllable is pronounced with an "aw" sound, followed by the "zh" sound in the name "Jacques." The last syllable has a schwa sound followed by a clear "t" sound. Remembering this IPA transcription can help ensure accurate spelling and pronunciation of Jalabert's name.

LAURENT JALABERT Meaning and Definition

  1. Laurent Jalabert is a former professional road cyclist from France. Born on November 30, 1968, in Mazamet, France, Jalabert achieved great success during his cycling career in the 1990s. He is widely regarded as one of France's finest cyclists of his generation.

    Jalabert specialized in both one-day races and stage races, showcasing his exceptional versatility as a rider. As a skillful and powerful cyclist, he excelled in various terrains, including mountains, sprints, and time trials. His outstanding physical abilities, combined with tactical astuteness, made him a formidable competitor.

    Throughout his career, Laurent Jalabert achieved numerous remarkable victories. He won multiple stages in the three prestigious Grand Tours: Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, and Vuelta a España. Additionally, he became one of the most successful riders in the classic races, securing victories in events such as Liège–Bastogne–Liège and Milan–San Remo.

    Jalabert was renowned for his determination and ability to endure challenging circumstances, displaying a never-give-up attitude even in difficult situations. His relentless work ethic and fierce competitiveness earned him the nickname "Jaja" among fans and peers.

    After retiring from professional cycling in 2002, Jalabert transitioned into television commentary and analysis. He became a respected voice in the cycling community, providing insights into races and sharing his deep understanding of the sport.

    Overall, Laurent Jalabert is a highly esteemed former professional cyclist who left an indelible mark on the world of cycling through his numerous achievements and remarkable career.

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