How Do You Spell LAYLA?

Pronunciation: [lˈe͡ɪlə] (IPA)

"Layla" is a popular name that originates from Arabic. In terms of spelling, it has a straightforward phonetic transcription in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) as /leɪlə/. The first two letters "L" and "ay" are pronounced distinctly, as in "lay," followed by the sound "la" and ending with the "uh" sound. Depending on regional accents and languages, the spelling of "Layla" may vary slightly, but its correct pronunciation remains the same.

LAYLA Meaning and Definition

  1. Layla is a feminine given name commonly used in Arabic, Persian, and Turkish cultures. It holds various meanings depending on the culture, but all interpretations convey beauty, seduction, or darkness.

    Arabic: In Arabic culture, Layla means "night" or "dark beauty." It is associated with mystery, passion, and alluring femininity. Folklore often refers to Layla as a captivating woman who enchants others with her charisma and charm. The name gained significant popularity after the love story of Majnun and Layla became well-known in literature, symbolizing an intense and forbidden love.

    Persian: In Persian, Layla signifies "night" or "one who belongs to the night." This version of the name also carries connotations of elegance, allure, and the enigma of the darkness. It symbolizes a magnetic appeal that captivates others, making them yearn for her company.

    Turkish: The Turkish interpretation of Layla is similar to both the Arabic and Persian meanings, representing the concept of "dark beauty" and "captivating charm." It embodies sensuality, grace, and enchantment. The name gained popularity in Turkey through its usage in music and literature, further contributing to its cultural significance.

    Overall, regardless of the specific culture, Layla universally represents an alluring and captivating quality, associated with both physical and inner beauty. It holds a sense of mystique and seduction, making it a name that reflects a strong and magnetic personality.

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Etymology of LAYLA

The name "Layla" has Arabic roots. It is derived from the Arabic word "layl" (لَيْل) which means "night". In Arabic, Layla is a feminine name that has been used for centuries. It gained international popularity due to its association with the ancient Arabic love story known as "Layla and Majnun", which has been a source of inspiration for many poems and romantic tales.

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