How Do You Spell LEAKPROOF?

The word "leakproof" is spelled as "liːkpruːf" in IPA phonetic transcription. The first syllable "liːk" is pronounced with the long "ee" sound and represents the word "leak." The second syllable "pruːf" is pronounced with a long "oo" sound and represents the word "proof." The combination of these two syllables creates the compound word "leakproof," which means that something is resistant to leaks or preventing liquids or gases from passing through.

Common Misspellings for LEAKPROOF

  • keakproof
  • peakproof
  • oeakproof
  • lwakproof
  • lsakproof
  • ldakproof
  • lrakproof
  • l4akproof
  • l3akproof
  • lezkproof
  • leskproof
  • lewkproof
  • leqkproof
  • leajproof
  • leamproof
  • lealproof
  • leaoproof
  • leaiproof
  • leakoroof
  • leekproof
  • leekproff

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