How Do You Spell LEAKS?

Pronunciation: [lˈiːks] (IPA)

The word "leaks" is spelled with the letter combination "ea" pronounced as /iː/. This sound is often confused with the sound /ɛ/ (as in "bread") or /eɪ/ (as in "break"). The word "leaks" refers to the plural form of "leak," which means to allow water or another substance to escape from a container. Proper spelling of this word is important to avoid confusion and ensure effective communication. Remember to use /iː/ to spell "leaks".

LEAKS Meaning and Definition

  1. Leaks, in general, refer to the unintentional or unauthorized release or disclosure of confidential or classified information, often to the public or unauthorized individuals or organizations. This term commonly applies to sensitive information related to government entities, corporates, or individuals, which becomes public knowledge due to unauthorized access, negligence, hacking, or various other means.

    Leaks often occur when classified documents, data, or files are made available to the media or published through online platforms. They can come from insiders, whistleblowers, or anonymous sources who intend to expose concealed or secretive information to the public or media organizations.

    The consequences of leaks can vary based on the nature of the leaked information. Some may simply reveal embarrassing or inconvenient details, while others may cause significant damage, exposing sensitive diplomatic affairs, confidential business agreements, or personal details.

    Leaks have been historically impactful in areas such as politics, journalism, and corporate affairs, as they can significantly influence public opinion, expose corruption or wrongdoing, or initiate investigations. Nevertheless, leaks can be controversial, as they may infringe on privacy rights, jeopardize national security, or breach legal contracts.

    Organizations and governments employ various preventive measures to curtail leaks, such as secure data systems, strict access controls, and confidentiality agreements. However, leaks have proven difficult to entirely eliminate, highlighting the constant challenge of balancing information transparency with privacy and security.

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Etymology of LEAKS

The word "leaks" is derived from the Old English word "leac" which originally referred to the vegetable known today as "leek". The Old English word "leac" has its roots in the Proto-Germanic word "*lauka-", which also referred to the leek. This Proto-Germanic word is related to Old Norse "laukr" and Old High German "louh", both meaning "leek". The word "leak" eventually came to be used in the plural form, "leaks", to refer to multiple leeks. Over time, the term "leaks" also began to be associated with the act of fluid or gas escaping through small openings, which broadened the meaning of the word beyond the vegetable.

Similar spelling words for LEAKS

Conjugate verb Leaks


I would leak
we would leak
you would leak
he/she/it would leak
they would leak


I will leak
we will leak
you will leak
he/she/it will leak
they will leak


I will have leaked
we will have leaked
you will have leaked
he/she/it will have leaked
they will have leaked


I leaked
we leaked
you leaked
he/she/it leaked
they leaked


I had leaked
we had leaked
you had leaked
he/she/it had leaked
they had leaked


I leak
we leak
you leak
he/she/it leaks
they leak


I have leaked
we have leaked
you have leaked
he/she/it has leaked
they have leaked
I am leaking
we are leaking
you are leaking
he/she/it is leaking
they are leaking
I was leaking
we were leaking
you were leaking
he/she/it was leaking
they were leaking
I will be leaking
we will be leaking
you will be leaking
he/she/it will be leaking
they will be leaking
I have been leaking
we have been leaking
you have been leaking
he/she/it has been leaking
they have been leaking
I had been leaking
we had been leaking
you had been leaking
he/she/it had been leaking
they had been leaking
I will have been leaking
we will have been leaking
you will have been leaking
he/she/it will have been leaking
they will have been leaking
I would have leaked
we would have leaked
you would have leaked
he/she/it would have leaked
they would have leaked
I would be leaking
we would be leaking
you would be leaking
he/she/it would be leaking
they would be leaking
I would have been leaking
we would have been leaking
you would have been leaking
he/she/it would have been leaking
they would have been leaking


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