How Do You Spell LEASED?

Correct spelling for the English word "leased" is [lˈiːsd], [lˈiːsd], [l_ˈiː_s_d] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Similar spelling words for LEASED

72 words made out of letters LEASED

3 letters

  • asl,
  • eel,
  • ese,
  • sea,
  • lsd,
  • als,
  • sle,
  • eld,
  • das,
  • lea,
  • see,
  • lee,
  • lad,
  • dle,
  • sad,
  • des,
  • led,
  • ale,
  • dal,
  • ade.

4 letters

  • deal,
  • elea,
  • seal,
  • ease,
  • alee,
  • sale,
  • dale,
  • ales,
  • sade,
  • leas,
  • sele,
  • dele,
  • seed,
  • lees,
  • sede,
  • lade,
  • else,
  • eels,
  • dlee,
  • adsl,
  • seel,
  • leda,
  • eade,
  • esla,
  • lads,
  • eeas,
  • lase,
  • lead,
  • sled.

5 letters

  • deles,
  • lease,
  • deals,
  • leeds,
  • seeld,
  • easle,
  • easel,
  • daele,
  • aedes,
  • eased,
  • aseel,
  • ledes,
  • delas,
  • lades,
  • leads,
  • seale,
  • dales,
  • lased,
  • eades,
  • edale,
  • dease,
  • eales.

6 letters

  • sealed.

Conjugate verb Leased


I would lease
we would lease
you would lease
he/she/it would lease
they would lease


I will lease
we will lease
you will lease
he/she/it will lease
they will lease


I will have leased
we will have leased
you will have leased
he/she/it will have leased
they will have leased


I leased
we leased
you leased
he/she/it leased
they leased


I had leased
we had leased
you had leased
he/she/it had leased
they had leased


I lease
we lease
you lease
he/she/it leases
they lease


I have leased
we have leased
you have leased
he/she/it has leased
they have leased
I am leasing
we are leasing
you are leasing
he/she/it is leasing
they are leasing
I was leasing
we were leasing
you were leasing
he/she/it was leasing
they were leasing
I will be leasing
we will be leasing
you will be leasing
he/she/it will be leasing
they will be leasing
I have been leasing
we have been leasing
you have been leasing
he/she/it has been leasing
they have been leasing
I had been leasing
we had been leasing
you had been leasing
he/she/it had been leasing
they had been leasing
I will have been leasing
we will have been leasing
you will have been leasing
he/she/it will have been leasing
they will have been leasing
I would have leased
we would have leased
you would have leased
he/she/it would have leased
they would have leased
I would be leasing
we would be leasing
you would be leasing
he/she/it would be leasing
they would be leasing
I would have been leasing
we would have been leasing
you would have been leasing
he/she/it would have been leasing
they would have been leasing


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