How Do You Spell LEERS?

The spelling of the word "leers" is based on the phonetic transcription represented by the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) as /lɪərz/. This indicates the pronunciation of the word with a first syllable containing the vowel /ɪə/, similar to the word "ear," and a second syllable containing the sound /z/. The word "leers" refers to a facial expression with a sly or suggestive look. It is important to pay attention to the spelling and pronunciation of this word to avoid confusion with other similar-sounding words.

Common Misspellings for LEERS

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Conjugate verb Leers


I would leer
we would leer
you would leer
he/she/it would leer
they would leer


I will leer
we will leer
you will leer
he/she/it will leer
they will leer


I will have leered
we will have leered
you will have leered
he/she/it will have leered
they will have leered


I leered
we leered
you leered
he/she/it leered
they leered


I had leered
we had leered
you had leered
he/she/it had leered
they had leered


I leer
we leer
you leer
he/she/it leers
they leer


I have leered
we have leered
you have leered
he/she/it has leered
they have leered
I am leering
we are leering
you are leering
he/she/it is leering
they are leering
I was leering
we were leering
you were leering
he/she/it was leering
they were leering
I will be leering
we will be leering
you will be leering
he/she/it will be leering
they will be leering
I have been leering
we have been leering
you have been leering
he/she/it has been leering
they have been leering
I had been leering
we had been leering
you had been leering
he/she/it had been leering
they had been leering
I will have been leering
we will have been leering
you will have been leering
he/she/it will have been leering
they will have been leering
I would have leered
we would have leered
you would have leered
he/she/it would have leered
they would have leered
I would be leering
we would be leering
you would be leering
he/she/it would be leering
they would be leering
I would have been leering
we would have been leering
you would have been leering
he/she/it would have been leering
they would have been leering


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