How Do You Spell LEERS?

Correct spelling for the English word "leers" is [lˈi͡əz], [lˈi‍əz], [l_ˈiə_z]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for LEERS

Below is the list of 128 misspellings for the word "leers".

Similar spelling words for LEERS

Anagrams of LEERS

5 letters

  • reels.

4 letters

3 letters

Usage Examples for LEERS

  1. M. None of your arch and pert leers, girl! - "Clarissa, Volume 4 (of 9) History Of A Young Lady" by Samuel Richardson
  2. Center City's finest knew when to make themselves scarce: their uniforms stood for everything objectionable at this time and they might be subjected to clubs, stones, taunts, threats, leers- and knives. - "Voyage To Eternity" by Milton Lesser

Conjugate verb Leers


I would leer
we would leer
you would leer
he/she/it would leer
they would leer


I will leer
we will leer
you will leer
he/she/it will leer
they will leer


I will have leered
we will have leered
you will have leered
he/she/it will have leered
they will have leered


I leered
we leered
you leered
he/she/it leered
they leered


I had leered
we had leered
you had leered
he/she/it had leered
they had leered


I leer
we leer
you leer
he/she/it leers
they leer


I have leered
we have leered
you have leered
he/she/it has leered
they have leered
I am leering
we are leering
you are leering
he/she/it is leering
they are leering
I was leering
we were leering
you were leering
he/she/it was leering
they were leering
I will be leering
we will be leering
you will be leering
he/she/it will be leering
they will be leering
I have been leering
we have been leering
you have been leering
he/she/it has been leering
they have been leering
I had been leering
we had been leering
you had been leering
he/she/it had been leering
they had been leering
I will have been leering
we will have been leering
you will have been leering
he/she/it will have been leering
they will have been leering
I would have leered
we would have leered
you would have leered
he/she/it would have leered
they would have leered
I would be leering
we would be leering
you would be leering
he/she/it would be leering
they would be leering
I would have been leering
we would have been leering
you would have been leering
he/she/it would have been leering
they would have been leering