How Do You Spell LEGERITY?

Pronunciation: [lɛd͡ʒˈɛɹɪti] (IPA)

Legerity is a noun that refers to grace or lightness in movement, often used in the context of dance or sports. It's pronounced as /lɛdʒɛrəti/ which means it is composed of four syllables /lɛ/ + /dʒɛ/ + /rə/ + /ti/. The first syllable is written with the letter 'L' and the vowel sound is pronounced as /ɛ/. The following two syllables are pronounced with the consonant sound /dʒ/ and the vowel sound /ə/. The final syllable is written with the letters 'T' and 'I' and the vowel sound is /i/.

LEGERITY Meaning and Definition

  1. Legerity is a noun that refers to the quality or state of being nimble, agile, or easily able to move quickly and with grace. It is derived from the Latin word "levis," meaning light or nimble. Legerity encompasses physical quickness, reflexes, and dexterity, allowing individuals to move swiftly and with ease.

    In a broader sense, legerity extends beyond physical agility and can also describe mental swiftness. It signifies mental acuity, the ability to think and respond rapidly, and the capacity to process information swiftly. A person with legerity of mind is intellectually sharp, possessing quick thinking and problem-solving skills.

    The concept of legerity is often associated with gracefulness and fluidity of movement. It is often used to describe athletes, dancers, and performers who exhibit remarkable bodily control, coordination, and agility. Additionally, legerity is ascribed to individuals who possess exceptional reaction time, enabling them to respond swiftly and accurately to external stimuli.

    This term can also be applied in a metaphorical sense to depict efficiency and ease in tasks or actions. It suggests the capability to complete tasks efficiently and effortlessly, underscoring a talent for accomplishing goals expeditiously.

    Overall, legerity encompasses physical and cognitive swiftness, mental agility, and efficient performance. It symbolizes grace, ease, and rapidity in both movement and thought.

Common Misspellings for LEGERITY

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Etymology of LEGERITY

The word "legerity" comes from the Latin term "levis", which means "light" or "nimble". In Latin, "legeris" is the genitive form of "levis". Over time, this Latin term evolved into the Old French word "legereté", which was later borrowed into English as "legerity" in the late 16th century. The word "legerity" essentially denotes agility, quickness, or lightness of movement.



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