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Pronunciation: [lˈe͡ɪ] (IPA)

The word "lei" is a Polynesian term that typically refers to a garland or wreath made of flowers or other materials. The phonetic transcription of the word "lei" is /leɪ/ in IPA. The spelling of this word reflects the long vowel sound of "EI" as /eɪ/. This is a common spelling pattern in English, where the letters "EI" often represent a long "A" sound, as in the words "ceiling" and "vein". Proper spelling is important for effective communication, especially in writing.

LEI Meaning and Definition

A "lei" is a noun that refers to a traditional Hawaiian garland or wreath made from flowers, leaves, shells, feathers, or other materials. Lei are typically worn or given as a sign of affection, welcome, or celebration.

This decorative ornament can be created by stringing together different types of flowers or materials to form a circular or necklace-like shape. Common flowers used include plumeria, orchids, carnations, and hibiscus, but the choice of materials can vary depending on personal preference and regional customs. Leis are often associated with Hawaii, where they hold deep cultural significance and are frequently used in important occasions such as graduations, weddings, or luaus.

Leis have a long history in Hawaiian culture, dating back to ancient times when they were believed to possess spiritual or sacred properties. They were traditionally offered as a welcoming gesture to visitors and symbolized the aloha spirit of love, friendship, and connection to nature. Today, lei-making continues to be an important craft, passed down through generations, preserving the artistry and traditions of the Hawaiian people.

In a broader sense, "lei" can also refer to similar garlands found in other Polynesian cultures, such as the Maori of New Zealand or the Tahitian. However, the term is predominantly associated with the Hawaiian islands and the unique cultural heritage they embody.

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Etymology of LEI

The word "lei" derives from the Hawaiian language. The etymology of "lei" is traced back to the Proto-Polynesian language, where it is believed to have originated from the word "lei" or "helelei". This term referred to a garland or wreath, often made of flowers, leaves, shells, or feathers and worn around the neck or head. The word "lei" has since become widely recognized and associated with Hawaiian culture, hospitality, and the practice of giving and receiving leis as a form of greeting, celebration, or honor.

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Plural form of LEI is LEIS


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