How Do You Spell LEISURES?

The spelling of the word "leisures" might seem confusing at first glance, but it follows standard English rules for pluralizing nouns. The base form of the noun is "leisure", and to make it plural, we add the regular suffix "-s". However, the "u" in "leisure" is pronounced like the "yoo" sound in "new", which is why the phonetic transcription is /ˈlɛʒərz/. So, although the spelling might look like it should be pronounced "lee-zhurs", the correct pronunciation is actually "lezh-urs".

Common Misspellings for LEISURES

  • leisur
  • leisuer
  • keisures
  • peisures
  • oeisures
  • lwisures
  • lsisures
  • ldisures
  • lrisures
  • l4isures
  • l3isures
  • leusures
  • lejsures
  • leksures
  • leosures
  • le9sures
  • le8sures
  • leiaures
  • leizures
  • leixures

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