How Do You Spell LEM?

The spelling of the word "lem" is unique as it only consists of three letters. Its pronunciation is often tricky for non-native speakers as the "e" is silent. It is pronounced as /lɛm/ with stress on the first syllable. The IPA phonetic transcription for the word "lem" is /lɛm/. While its meaning is unclear, the spelling and pronunciation of this word can be used as an example of the complexities of the English language.

Common Misspellings for LEM

  • loem
  • lwem
  • lewm
  • lsem
  • lesm
  • ldem
  • lrem
  • lerm
  • l4em
  • le4m
  • l3em
  • le3m
  • lenm
  • lejm
  • lemj
  • llem
  • lemm
  • lmm
  • l em
  • le m

Similar spelling words for LEM

8 words made out of letters LEM

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3 letters


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