How Do You Spell LENDING?

The word "lending" is spelled with an "e" after the letter "d" to indicate that the preceding "n" is pronounced as "nd." In phonetic transcription, the word is written /ˈlɛndɪŋ/. The "ˈ" represents the stress on the first syllable, "lend", and the "ɪ" represents the short "i" sound. This spelling convention is consistent with other English words that end in "-nd" such as "bending" and "sending." Proper spelling helps ensure clear communication in writing and reading.

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Plural form of LENDING is LENDINGS

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Conjugate verb Lending


I would lend
we would lend
you would lend
he/she/it would lend
they would lend


I will lend
we will lend
you will lend
he/she/it will lend
they will lend


I will have lent
we will have lent
you will have lent
he/she/it will have lent
they will have lent


I lent
we lent
you lent
he/she/it lent
they lent


I had lent
we had lent
you had lent
he/she/it had lent
they had lent


I lend
we lend
you lend
he/she/it lends
they lend


I have lent
we have lent
you have lent
he/she/it has lent
they have lent
I am lending
we are lending
you are lending
he/she/it is lending
they are lending
I was lending
we were lending
you were lending
he/she/it was lending
they were lending
I will be lending
we will be lending
you will be lending
he/she/it will be lending
they will be lending
I have been lending
we have been lending
you have been lending
he/she/it has been lending
they have been lending
I had been lending
we had been lending
you had been lending
he/she/it had been lending
they had been lending
I will have been lending
we will have been lending
you will have been lending
he/she/it will have been lending
they will have been lending
I would have lent
we would have lent
you would have lent
he/she/it would have lent
they would have lent
I would be lending
we would be lending
you would be lending
he/she/it would be lending
they would be lending
I would have been lending
we would have been lending
you would have been lending
he/she/it would have been lending
they would have been lending


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