How Do You Spell LEU?

The word "leu" is spelled with the phonemes /l/ and /j/ (which represents the "w" sound). The IPA phonetic transcription for "leu" is /ljuː/. This spelling is commonly used to refer to a currency used in Romania and Moldova. The word "leu" originated from the Latin word "leopardus," meaning "leopard" and was used to represent a type of Venetian coin. Today, the spelling and pronunciation of "leu" remain standardized in both countries.

Common Misspellings for LEU

  • lpeu
  • le3u
  • leyu
  • leuy
  • leuh
  • leju
  • leuj
  • le8u
  • leu8
  • le7u
  • leu7
  • lleu
  • leeu
  • leuu
  • neu
  • luu
  • lmu
  • lgu
  • l eu
  • le u

Similar spelling words for LEU

Plural form of LEU is LEI

5 words made out of letters LEU

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3 letters


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